If you know of someone from Lowry who is playing, or played colleg or professional baseball, please contact Coach Espinola (respinola@humboldt.k12.nv.us).  You can also submit pictures tho be posted to the alumni pictures page. It is good for current players to see that they can play beyond Winnemucca and baseball is their best opportunity.

  1. Abrego, Ricci (1987): Eastern Oregon University
  2. Bengochea, Pachi : Treasure Valley Community College (OR)
  3. Carl, Jake (2001): Lassen College (CA)
  4. Cardenas, Jose: Treasure Valley Community College (OR)
  5. Christean, Chris (1999): Modesto Junior College (CA)
  6. Christean, Dustin: Grace College (Indiana)
  7. Christiansen, Matt: Lassen College (CA), New Mexico Highlands University
  8. Curuchet, John (1989):
  9. Custer, Danny (2008): Southwestern Oregon Community College
  10. Davidsaver, Jason (1995)
  11. Duncan, Gus, (2012): St Martins University, Lacey WA
  12. Enochson, Eric (1998): Los Medanos College (CA)
  13. Enochson, Joey (2003): Lassen College (CA); Southwestern Oregon Community College
  14. Gallian, Sean (2001):Grand Canyon University (AZ); Mesa Community College (AZ), Alumni Pictures
  15. Jarolimek, Jonathon: UNLV
  16. Jarolimek, Matt (1992): College of Southern Idaho
  17. Kerr, Eric (2007): Lassen College (CA)
  18. Kieber, Tim (1993): Yuba City (CA) and Glendale (AZ)
  19. Lindsey, Andrew: Lane CC (OR)
  20. Maestrejuan, Rick: Boise State University
  21. Martinez, Benny (2002): Lassen College (CA), Dickinson State University (ND)
  22. Martinez, Tony (1999): Eastern Oregon University
  23. Marvel, Anthony (1998)
  24. Marvel, Jody (1996)
  25. Matheny, Jake (2004): Minot State University (ND)
  26. Noble, Bryan (2012): Whitworth University, Spokane, WA
  27. Orr, Josh (2000): Albertson College (ID)
  28. Owsley, Gavin (2004): Mesa Community College (AZ)
  29. Pasquale, Tony (2008): Lassen College (CA)
  30. Peluaga, Tony: Lassen College (CA), San Francisco State University
  31. Peters, Chad: Napa JC
  32. Pollock, Mitch (2011): Blue Mountain Community College (OR)
  33. Robinson, Joe (2003): Eastern Oregon University, Dickinson State University (ND)
  34. Schroeder, Ty
  35. Gordy Schumacher (1991): Blue Mountain Community College (OR)
  36. Stamey, Barclay (1998): US Naval Academy
  37. Steelman, Daniel (1999): Shasta Community College (CA)
  38. Spence, Sean (1998)
  39. Chris Vesco (1986): UNLV